Hierarchies can be found in almost every organization in the developed, working world. And while the org charts in most companies are constantly chang...View Details

Firing an employee is one of the least enjoyable tasks a leader must do. But when it is done correctly, a good leader can turn an uncomfortable situat...View Details

On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo talks about how leaders can become tempted to expand their responsibility and do work without...View Details

What happens if you have two or more really fantastic candidates for an internal promotion and each of them could do the job well? It’s a great prob...View Details

Many employees receive their performance appraisals and bonuses based not just on their own performance but on that of their team as well. On this wee...View Details

The people with whom you associate at work WILL make you better or they WILL make you worse. If you are trying to advance at your job, there might be ...View Details

As a leader, the spin game is so much fun, but not when it comes to developing your people! On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo ta...View Details

When an employee suggests something terrible due to a lack of context, some leaders don’t want to give them an outright ‘no.’ Instead they attem...View Details

It’s no secret, different people doing the same role still make different salaries. And there are a number of reasons for this—some controllable a...View Details

One of the quickest ways to lower the morale of a team is to give the impression that you don’t hold low performers accountable. But since most perf...View Details

When you feel tension or a rift in the relationship between you and a coworker, is your go-to action to ignore it and hope it goes away? It won’t go...View Details

During stressful times at work, can your people look to you and your actions in order to be secure in their knowledge that everything is going to be o...View Details

Do you show up for your people the way that your best leaders and greatest mentors have shown up for you? On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays epis...View Details

Are you comfortable leaning on your values and actually taking sides in a conflict between two or more of your employees? Leaders who either fall back...View Details

Are you quick to jump in and get your hands dirty by doing tasks and busy work that your people normally do? On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays e...View Details

Do your employees like feedback delivered in a straightforward manner or a little on the sugarcoated side? If you lead a team comprised of employees f...View Details

What does it mean when someone tells you to own your development? Leaders tend to confuse training with development and often fail to clearly define e...View Details

If the only place you learn your leadership skills is at your job, you’re ignoring countless valuable places to accumulate knowledge and best practi...View Details

Do you know people who intentionally over-complicate their job when explaining it to others? When a person has a hard time justifying their own existe...View Details

If your high-performing people aren’t constantly asking to be challenged, stretched, and given responsibilities outside their core job duties, it co...View Details

Lorenzo discusses a snippet of a Gary Vee YouTube video about making Empathy, Kindness and Gratitude cool. Video Link: https://youtu.be/t0aBRVgbsJs?t=...View Details

It’s easy to provide answers to your employees when asked. We all like feeling needed and many of us have a hard time telling people to go fend for ...View Details

Chris discusses the tendency of leaders to ask their employees to bring their best selves to work, and why some leaders don't really have the right to...View Details

Since we know job stress, frustration with coworkers, and a lack of fulfillment from your work can lead to a myriad physiological problems, the job of...View Details

Lorenzo talks about Simon Sinek's upcoming book and how the idea of infinite and finite games apply to leadership. Simon Sinek video link: https://yo...View Details

Have you ever walked into a chaotic environment and seen someone who seems to be unaffected by the chaos. He or she just seems to know what’s going ...View Details

Chris talks about why businesses have largely failed when they ask employees to cast aside their own values in order to accomplish organizational obje...View Details

Only about a third of employees worldwide say they’re “fulfilled” by their work. But what does it mean to be fulfilled at work? If you’ve neve...View Details

A brief intro for our new Thoughtful Thursdays episodes and a talk about leadership when you get asked to do more with less. #HackingYourLeadership #S...View Details

We find comfort in our commonalities. Our education, our upbringing, the type of music we like, even our religion or skin color. All of them are subtl...View Details


Hacking Your Leadership will be taking a short break so Chris can have the surgery he needs. Please go talk to your doctor about getting a colonoscopy...View Details

Discussing why some leaders view disruption as some sort of goal or achievement. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo Hacking...View Details

When employees stop using a skill for a while, the skill goes away. How do leaders prevent this without putting round-the-clock pressure on their peop...View Details

Discussing the difference between leaders who just do their job well versus leaders who put forth the effort needed to get better, make others better,...View Details

If multiple members of your team have come to you with the same requests, those topics shouldn't be ignored. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementCo...View Details

Discussing the tendency of leaders to use sports analogies in order to galvanize teams and why they don't always work. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEn...View Details

Discussing why many leaders find it hard to balance taking their careers seriously with avoiding taking themselves too seriously. #HackingYourLeadersh...View Details

Discussing why many people believe leading is somehow more noble than managing. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo Hacking ...View Details

Discussing some of our most cringeworthy failures. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo Hacking Your Leadership Website Hacki...View Details

If you recognize and reward employees for their long hours, you're setting an expectation that this is how people advance. #HackingYourLeadership #Sta...View Details

There aren't any jobs in the future where people reply to emails all day and then go home. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLo...View Details

Discussing why employees hold themselves to higher standards for their peers than for their leaders. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting...View Details

Discussing how teambuilding typically doesn't build collaborative teams. Link to Harvard Business Review article: https://hbr.org/2018/09/stop-wastin...View Details

What kind of results can you expect out of a coerced employee? How about a motivated employee? An inspired employee? Link to Forbes article by Dov Sei...View Details

Discussing the tendency of leaders to want to be all things to all people instead of filling in the gaps with strategically-placed employees. #Hacking...View Details

Discussing how too many leaders wait weeks or even months to tell their people what they're doing right and wrong. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngage...View Details

When you dole out development opportunites based on who you easily connect with, you short-change your top performers. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEn...View Details

Gratitude is not the same thing as appreciation. Grateful leaders are happier people. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo Ha...View Details

Discussing the tendency of some leaders to want to influence the day-to-day work of employees several layers below them. #HackingYourLeadership #Stark...View Details

Confusing a coincidence of objective with any alignment on a deeper sense of purpose is a recipe for disaster. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagement...View Details

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