For months, our listeners have asked us to provide a short list of characteristics we believe all great people leaders possess. So over the next five ...View Details

Elizabeth Boyd - Founder & Editor in Chief, The Excellence in Retail Blog #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo Hacking Yo...View Details

Do you spend too much time thinking of holding your team accountable? Are you responsible for your teams failures? On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursd...View Details

Do you misrepresent your actual capabilities when you tell your people what you can do for them if they just keep performing for you long enough? #Hac...View Details

What common factor allows both people with titles and without to excel at leadership? On this week’s Thoughtful Thursdays episode, Chris discusses h...View Details

Many leaders who feel overwhelmed are actually trying to do jobs that aren’t supposed to be theirs to do. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementCon...View Details

Stephen Shedletzky - Head of Brand Experience & Igniter, Simon Sinek Inc. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo Hacking Yo...View Details

Do you ask your team to keep learning to get better? Should they expect the same from you? On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo sha...View Details

Do you ever find yourself wishing your employees were different? That they thought differently or acted differently than they currently do? Link to im...View Details

The Hacking Your Leadership Guest Series will debut next Saturday, August 10th. Here's a short intro and the concept behind this addition to the Hacki...View Details

Feedback is a part of every interpersonal relationship. But some people just naturally seem to be better at it than others. On this week’s #Thought...View Details

If the only people you grow and develop are those who lead like you, you’re short-changing your people and you’ll eventually lose some very talent...View Details

As leaders, you should always own failures--especially the ones by people on your team. On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo talks...View Details

We all have a leadership dark side—our knee-jerk methods when we’re trying to do our best but we’re in over our heads. Control. Criticism. Avoid...View Details

Ghosting seems to have become commonplace in the hiring process. Applicants to it to companies and hiring managers do it to applicants. On this week...View Details

We all have a leadership dark side—our knee-jerk methods when we’re trying to do our best but we’re in over our heads. Control. Criticism. Avoid...View Details

It sounds so basic, but have you considered that your people's perception of you becomes your reputation? On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episo...View Details

We all have a leadership dark side—our knee-jerk methods when we’re trying to do our best but we’re in over our heads. Control. Criticism. Avoid...View Details

Nothing is as demoralizing as feeling like your leader is holding a grudge after you made a mistake. On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, C...View Details

We all have a leadership dark side—our knee-jerk methods when we’re trying to do our best but we’re in over our heads. Control. Criticism. Avoid...View Details

We are so excited anticipating our upcoming 2nd anniversary and entering Hacking Your Leadership's third year! Thank you to all our listeners for supp...View Details

One of the things that drives us crazy is when leaders delegate something to someone and then tell them it was for their development! On this week’s...View Details

If you take over a team that is already performing well, what are the things you should and shouldn't do after you arrive? #HackingYourLeadership #Sta...View Details

We got some recent feedback on one of our topics and we couldn't be happier and more grateful that our listeners told us what they thought! On this we...View Details

Are a person’s leadership skills an indicator of whether or not they’re a good person? Have you ever had a fantastic employee who just completely ...View Details

Do you feel a sense of responsibility to help YOUR leaders get better? On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Chris discusses why great leade...View Details

If you believe a few weeks away from a job that's burning you out will reinvigorate your passion for that job, you're wrong. A job that's burning you ...View Details

Do you have fun at work? Data says that the best companies to work for are full of people who also have fun. On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays e...View Details

Just because you tell people that a specific metric or result needs to improve, doesn't mean they have any idea how to make that happen. And, often, t...View Details

Do you feel like your team doesn't listen to you or respect you because you can't do their job well. On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, ...View Details

Nobody wants to be manipulated. And very few people change course simply because a peer wants to do things differently. When you are attempting to wie...View Details

Do you feel like you are wasting potential? Is no one being honest with you? Are you a fish out of water? Does nobody trust you? On this week’s #Th...View Details

Have you ever been passed over for a position or an opportunity, for which you were qualified, seemingly because you didn’t know the right people? Y...View Details

Are you on a ‘team’ at work? Most people are. Or at least they think they are. On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Chris discusses th...View Details

As employees continue to report low engagement and speak of the importance of regular feedback from their leaders, those leaders are finding it incred...View Details

Are you doing specific work to prepare yourself for a Leadership role? Does your direct boss know that you're interested? Are you good at your current...View Details

Some leaders have a tendency to assign the same responsibilities to multiple people. But at the end of the day the buck has to stop with someone. Beca...View Details

What the heck does it mean to have a “millennial-centric” workplace? Do millennials in the workplace actually want different things than GenX and ...View Details

Every time you say 'yes,' you're saying 'no' to something else. That's what prioritization is. And good leaders need to know how to do this. Link to o...View Details

On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo shares a train wreck of a  performance conversation that he eavesdropped on while working in...View Details

Discussing specific elements of the article "The 10 Qualities of a True Leader" including transparency, living company values, and holding convictions...View Details

Hierarchies can be found in almost every organization in the developed, working world. And while the org charts in most companies are constantly chang...View Details

Firing an employee is one of the least enjoyable tasks a leader must do. But when it is done correctly, a good leader can turn an uncomfortable situat...View Details

On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo talks about how leaders can become tempted to expand their responsibility and do work without...View Details

What happens if you have two or more really fantastic candidates for an internal promotion and each of them could do the job well? It’s a great prob...View Details

Many employees receive their performance appraisals and bonuses based not just on their own performance but on that of their team as well. On this wee...View Details

The people with whom you associate at work WILL make you better or they WILL make you worse. If you are trying to advance at your job, there might be ...View Details

As a leader, the spin game is so much fun, but not when it comes to developing your people! On this week’s #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo ta...View Details

When an employee suggests something terrible due to a lack of context, some leaders don’t want to give them an outright ‘no.’ Instead they attem...View Details

It’s no secret, different people doing the same role still make different salaries. And there are a number of reasons for this—some controllable a...View Details

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